Checkmate Charlie – Dragon Mage Book 9

In an intergalactic pool of tech and magic, Charlie found himself in the warm spot. Whether or not that was a good thing only time would tell.

Friends and comrades had put their lives on the line, defending not only their homes and loved ones, but their galaxy as well. Both galaxies, to be exact. And more than a few had paid the ultimate price.

Now the threat of a massive war spilling over between both realms had gone from a vague threat to a deadly reality, and facing Visla Dominus’s incredible power, Charlie and his friends were forced to call in every favor they were owed.

Even so, there was no guarantee of success. Underdogs to the last, Charlie and his friends prepared themselves for the battle to end all battles, one that would result in either victory or death.

The final book in the Dragon Mage series.

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The Last Voyage – Star Smuggler Book 1

He’s a criminal. She’s far from it.

Together, they’re Earth’s last hope…they just don’t know it yet.

Sinbad Singh had everything. A thriving smuggling career, his hologram on wanted posters on eleven planets, and plenty of women. Then she walked into his life.

Andrea Talltrees, member of a backwards cult not believing in space travel or anything else invented after the 20th century.

She wants him to find her husband, a fugitive accused of being an Albegensian spy, the planet currently at war with Earth.

He doesn’t want anything to do with an Earther, but a massive culture clash and a heavy dose of instant attraction get in the way, sending good sense flying out the viewport.

They’ll brave some very unsavory characters, maybe even prevent a second interplanetary war…if they can stop arguing.

It’s Star Wars meets Firefly in this exciting space opera thrill ride that doesn’t let up. Pick up your copy today and join the adventure.

©2020 Aethon Books (P)2020 Aethon Audio
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Midnight in the Graveyard

Midnight. Some call it the witching hour. Others call it the devil’s hour. Here in the graveyard, midnight is a very special time. It is a time when ghostly spirits are at their strongest, when the veil between our world and theirs is at its thinnest. Legend has it, that while most of the world is asleep, the lack of prayers allow the spirits to communicate under the cover of darkness, among the headstones, their whispers rustling in the leaves of the old oak trees. But if you’re here in the graveyard, you can tell yourself it’s just the wind, that the moonlight is playing tricks on your eyes, that it’s only the swirling mist you see. But when you hear the graveyard gate clang shut, the dead have something to say. Here are their stories …

©2019 Thomas F. Monteleone, Kealan Patrick Burke, John Everson, Chad Lutzke, William Meikle, Catherine Cavendish, Kathryn Meyer Griffith, Ronald Kelly, Kenneth McKinley, Jason Parent, and various authors (P)2020 Spoken Realms
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Warp Speed Charlie – Dragon Mage Book 8

When your luck just plain sucks in not one galaxy, but two, most people would throw in the towel. But not Charlie. In fact, it almost seemed like he was a glutton for that sort of misery.

His friends were spread across two distant galaxies, separated by a heavily guarded magical portal and struggling to deal with a war now spilling over into both the technological realm as well as the magical one. And it was beginning to look like they’d reached their breaking point.

But Charlie wasn’t about to give up, nor would he give in. If it was war they wanted, it was war they’d get, and he would cross space, and even time, if need be, to protect those he cared for.

He would soon realize, however, that he was facing off against an adversary not only more powerful than any he’d ever battled, but one also possessing a diabolical plan worse than he’d ever imagined.

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Rebel Mage Charlie – Dragon Mage Book 7

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Or in Charlie’s case, the going just gets tougher. It was enough to make him wonder if his luck would ever change. He should have known better.

Charlie had already managed to overcome alien mercenaries in two galaxies, miraculously saving his own neck as well that those of his dear friends. But things were getting complicated, and fast. Very, very complicated, in fact. With their forces in the dark as to the true nature of their enemy, Charlie and his band of rebel pirates and resistance fighters would have to dig deep if they hoped to find a way to overcome the deadly foe.

And failure? It would mean a life of slavery if they were lucky, though death was a far more likely outcome.

But there was another, unexpected player in this game of magic and warfare. More than one, in fact. And as their roles became clear, the entire nature of the battlefield would change. But whether or not they could adapt in time to survive remained to be seen.

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Primal Link

Missions to alien planets have resulted in interactions with strange beings in the past, but never on this level.

When Marine Corporal Goshawk becomes part of the search team tasked with locating some missing SEALs, he expected action and plenty of it. After all, they had to send in Marines to rescue SEALs. What he didn’t expect was that the mission would completely transform him, body and spirit.

As new threats from strange beings continually challenge the team and their mission rapidly spirals out of control, odd allies emerge in unexpected places. It’s no joyride for Corporal Goshawk and his small fire team, though, because those allies – the very thing that could help them – are driving a wedge between his team and his commanding officer, along with the rest of the Marines.

Will the Corporal and his team find the SEALs and complete the mission? Can they overcome the strange beings that threaten to take over? Or will they go down in flames?

Primal Link blends the excitement of Starship Troopers and the mystery and exploration of Horizon Zero Dawn to create a space adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Dylan: The Biography

Bob Dylan is an internationally best-selling artist, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, and an Oscar winner for Things Have Changed. His career is stronger and more influential than ever. How did this happen, given the road to oblivion he seemed to choose more than two decades ago? What transformed a heroin addict into one of the most astonishing literary and musical icons in American history?

At 72 years of age, Dylan’s final act of his career is more intriguing than ever – and classic biographies like Bob Dylan: Behind the Shades and even his own Chronicles: Volume One came too soon to cover this remarkable new chapter in his life.

Through extensive interviews and conversations with Dylan’s friends, family, sidemen, and fans, Los Angeles Times journalist Dennis McDougal crafts an unprecedented understanding of Dylan and the intricate story behind the myths. Was his romantic life, especially with Sara Dylan, much more complicated than it appears? Was his motorcycle accident a cover for drug rehab? What really happened to Dylan when his career crumbled, and how did he find his way back? To what does he attribute his astonishing success? McDougal’s meticulous research and comprehensive interviews offer a revealing new understanding of these long-standing questions – and of the current chapter Dylan continually writes in his life and career.

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The Leader (Bad Romance, Book 1) // as Liam Sanderson //

He thinks he owns me because he chose me. I’ll prove Mister Dominant Alpha Male wrong because this Rossi girl doesn’t go down without a fight.


I will avenge my parents’ deaths. I will make those who are responsible suffer. All I need is her – the key to my plans.


I’m going to leave everything behind and start over. I won’t bow down to anyone. The last thing I need is him – the shackles to my freedom.

Game on!

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Portal Thief Charlie – Dragon Mage Book 6

Charlie had a constant companion everywhere he went. Unfortunately, its name was trouble.

Space portals to another galaxy were just the beginning of the worries piled high on Charlie’s plate. Not only was he facing a hostile band of alien mercenaries, hell-bent on capturing his home and enslaving his people, but now, it seemed, there was something more afoot.

With his homeworld, solar system, and even the entire galaxy at risk, Charlie and the great AI minds of Earth had to make a decision. Would they wait for the alien aggressors to make their next move, or would they step up and take the fight to them? Whatever the decision, Charlie knew he and his friends would be in for the fight of their lives. And against an anemy more powerful than any they’d ever imagined.

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A Haunting in Rose Grove

A malevolent entity. A violent haunting. A house with a bloody history. Jake Nolan left it all behind, but now he must return.

Jake has it all — a new home, an amazing girlfriend, and nearing a promotion at work. Best of all, he feels he’s finally moved on from the horrors of his traumatic past. But when he learns that his estranged brother, Trevor, has moved back into their haunted childhood home, Jake knows his past is not quite finished with him yet.

Jake rushes to the old house in Rose Grove — a small town with a tragic history — to pull his brother from that dangerous place. But it’s too late. There, he finds Trevor trying to make contact with the spirit that tormented them years ago.

And Trevor refuses to leave. He is determined to cleanse the house and remove the entity. But the supernatural activity becomes too much to handle, and Jake knows they are both unprepared for the fight. Worse, the entity targets Daniel, Jake’s young nephew, and wants to bring him harm. And when the intelligent haunting shows signs of demonic infestation, Jake realizes they aren’t dealing with a mere ghost.

Jake attributes the evil spirit for driving his parents to an early grave. Now it wants to claim the rest of the family, and the only way Jake and Trevor will survive is to send the entity back to hell.

A Haunting in Rose Grove is a supernatural horror novel for listeners who love stories about haunted houses and battles with the demonic — the truest form of evil that exists in our world.

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Star Fighter Charlie – Dragon Mage Book 5

A magic wielding astronaut fighting off an alien invasion with his dragon friend? Charlie thought they might actually pull it off… that is, if Lady Luck decided to play nice for a change. Unfortunately, knowing his fortunes, the odds of that were slim to none.

Could a magic wielding astronaut fight off an alien invasion with just his vampire assassin and space dragon friends? Amazingly, Charlie thought they might actually pull it off… that is if Lady Luck decided to play nice for a change. Unfortunately, knowing his fortunes, the odds of that were slim to none.

The aliens were coming, that much was certain. What they could do to stop them, however, remained up in the air. Having joined forces with the mighty AIs overseeing the planet and its defenses, at least their toys had been upgraded accordingly. The magic users now had big guns. But against a magical enemy they couldn’t see coming?

All the weapons in the system would not be of any use. They were screwed. That is, unless they could somehow harness their own magic. That, or perhaps bring to bear something entirely new, spawned not in a distant galaxy, but rather in their own realm.

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Sidone (The Hordesmen, Book 3)

He’s half my age.

He cooks.

He fusses over my bad sleeping habits, and knows how to handle a gun. Our little reprieve during a mission can only mean one thing: My guard is down.

And the enemy I hunt is watching me, waiting for the perfect time to strike.

The time is now.

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Magic Man Charlie – Dragon Mage Book 4

Like poop on your shoe, bad luck had a knack for sticking Charlie wherever he went. And it sure did stink.

Wormholes to a distant galaxy? Done it. Alien slavery? Yup. Forced gladiatorial combat? That too. Space pirate and eventual rebel leader? Check. Rising to the pinnacle of power as Dragon King? Uh-huh.

Charlie, it seemed, had seen and survived it all, and at long last it looked like he’d finally earned himself a little peace and quiet. That is until a whole new threat reared its ugly head. Now, not only were those he held dear at risk, but the entire planet, and possibly even the whole damn solar system.

Yet again, Charlie was in the right place at the wrong time, finding himself forced to evolve into something new. Something more. But this time, on this tech-driven world, the space engineer from the past thought he might finally have the advantage.

But then again….

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The Angel of Meridian

What could be more powerful than weapons crafted by the hand of God for his own army of angels?

Bastian Santé is a man driven by greed and the desire to possess that power. Unfortunately for him, only an angel can touch angelic steel. That is, until recent breakthroughs in human genome editing have given him the hope of changing that.

Meanwhile, with an increase in archeological discoveries across the globe, the demand for trained personnel with the daringness and expertise to search and recover these precious antiquities has greatly risen in past years. From this need, a new school has emerged.

Born from a small group of former private military operatives known as Nightcorp International, Alpha-Meridian’s focus is on Hazardous Relic Recovery, and trains students for the exciting, and often dangerous work of tracking down and collecting the world’s lost treasures.

Professor Cameron Skull is one of A-M’s top field instructors. But when he finds himself alone and dangling from a cliff high up in the Alps on a recovery mission for the Swiss government, he is unprepared for the sight when a man suddenly falls from above him. He soon learns however, that that is only the beginning of his problems.

With the help of his girlfriend Iris, and his best friend Francesco Ferrari, can Professor Skull and the team from Meridian put together enough information to stop Santé before his plan succeeds and he becomes the most powerful villain in the world?

Following ancient trails isn’t easy. And when an army of the dead stand in your way, it may just be impossible. But as they will all soon learn, playing God does not make you God.

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Terror (The Hordesmen, Book 2)

Terror Hordesman came.

With flowers. Red roses. He came, he marked me, and he moved into my house. This is bad. Very bad. Because, I’m funding the Betaren project he’s trying to destroy. If he finds out, I fear, he’ll end me.

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The System Apocalypse Short Story Anthology, Volume 1

A bounty hunting survivor. A Galactic dark elf. A woman who has given up her humanity to become something more.

These stories and more are available in the first short story anthology for the System Apocalypse, covering year one on Earth. When the world ends, humanity steps up, finding new ways to survive in a world with classes, magic, and monsters. The anthology features exciting, new stories by five new writers and a new, never publicly released short story by Tao Wong.

The System Apocalypse world was first introduced in ‘Life in the North’ and is a LitRPG science fiction and fantasy post-apocalyptic work that features monsters, science fiction technology, character sheets, supernatural races and ancient myths in one heady, LitRPG brew

Stories and writers featured in this anthology include:

Craig Hamilton – “Hunting Monsters” has our protagonist doing what he does best. Finding those who would exploit the System and the people within. Except this time, there are even more complications than normal.

Alexis Keane – “Tooth and Claw” is a heart-warming tale of friendship that knows no bounds of race or distance.

Ix Phoen – “Rebel Within” tells a tale of hardship in South America, where the monsters are not always the ones outside the walls.

Tao Wong – “Debts & Dances” covers the arrival of the System from the perspective of our favorite Truinnar Lord.

R.K. Billiau – “Phoenix Rising” covers an unconventional hero, one whose mind is slipping from him before the apocalypse. Will the apocalypse be his salvation? Or doom?

L.A. Batt – “Overture to Obliteration” brings us to far-off New Zealand to glimpse the wreckage the System has wrought.

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Hunger (The Hordesmen, Book 1)

They came. They didn’t do much sight-seeing before they conquered and marked the human Omegas. They call themselves the Regha Horde. We call them the Hordesmen.

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Requiem (Blood Runners, Book 3)

The dictator must die and, with new levels and skills, our heroes might actually stand a chance.

They’ve braved the land beyond the walls and faced nightmarish Threshers and Reaper mechs. Marisol has reached new levels and unlocked blood enhancements, and Elias has found a power that might prove to be instrumental in the final battle. On top of all that, the pair possess something they’ve never had before: allies and weapons.

There’s only one way forward, however, and that path lies through destroying the dictator of New Chicago. The duo must use everything at their disposal in what’s sure to be a suicide mission, a return to the city to end Longman’s reign once and for all.

But Longman won’t go quietly, and he’s got an ancient weapon to back him up, one that’s capable of destroying the world.

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Chemical Attraction (The Chemical Attraction Series, Book 3)

Working in nanotechnology, Madeline Pierce, a dedicated scientist, has pain in her heart from an abusive relationship. She hides in her research. Charismatic yet brooding, Joe Roberts searches for an instant chemistry with his soulmate, the one person who will love him for his faults not in spite of them.

Dr. Pierce teams up with Agent Roberts to uncover a criminal network within her medical research facility in West Michigan. Feeling an undeniable attraction, they struggle to stay professional while they determine the degree of company involvement.

In the nearby farming town, animals violently attack the residents. Someone is experimenting outside the laboratory. Are human test subjects next? With the help of Joe’s sister Eva, a physician assistant at the local hospital, and her husband Chief Matt Connor, Joe and Madeline hunt for this new bio-weapon before the death toll rises in this gripping third book of The Chemical Attraction Series.

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Dragon King Charlie – Dragon Mage Book 3

Charlie thought building a spaceship had been tough, so being king should be a piece of cake. Unfortunately, it was like a cake made of cement. Hard to swallow, and just might kill him.

It was good being king, or so Charlie had believed. After an abrupt crash arrival, people had finally stopped trying to kill him – for the most part, anyway – and his new subjects respected him. Or feared him. It was sort of hard to tell, what, with the ginormous dragon who had eaten the previous king standing right behind him.

In any case, Charlie was now ruling this realm as best he knew how. And it all seemed to be going well. But he worried it wouldn’t last, and just his luck, word of a strange new threat soon reached his ears. A threat that might even have a bit of magic on their side. Of course, that was impossible on this non-magical world, but he had begun to accept that the impossible seemed to follow him wherever he went, like a hungry dog lurking in his shadow.

Faced with an unseen enemy, Charlie had to not only keep his friends safe, but the people who looked up to King Charlie as well. It was going to be a hell of a task, and the spaceman from Earth only hoped he was up for the challenge.

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Space Pirate Charlie – Dragon Mage Book 2

Charlie was living the life of luxury as an alien wizard’s gladiator slave. It was not ideal.

He had survived a spaceship crash, alien slave traders, space pirates, and fierce gladiatorial combat. Hell, he’d even faced an actual fire-breathing dragon and lived, but now, he was presented with an even greater challenge. Domestic living, captive on a strange world.

Charlie almost had to laugh at his changing circumstances, having seen it all since a wormhole spat him out in a distant galaxy. He learned to fight, he learned to use magic, he even learned to kill – to survive at all costs. And that hard work had somehow landed him a cushy life on a powerful wizard’s estate. But all was not what it seemed.

Something was wrong, and he still wasn’t a free man. Captivity, even in a gilded cage such as this, was abhorrent to the spaceman from Earth. And while the new existence he had fallen into seemed one of luxury, he couldn’t help but wonder when it would all go to hell.

He should have known, with his luck, the answer was soon.

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Cunning Devil (Lost Falls Book 1)

Breaking curses. Battling witchcraft. Revenge. All in a day’s work for Ozzy Turner, folk wizard.

Is a witch throwing curses your way? Something scary scratching at your window in the night? Then, I’ve got just the charm for you.

Mostly, though, I find things. Lost treasures, missing loved ones…if you need something found, I’m your guy.

So, when a grieving father hired me to track down a family heirloom stolen by a sticky-fingered hobgoblin, I was happy to help.

No one was supposed to wind up dead. Especially not me. But they made a mistake when they put a bullet in my stomach and left me for the worms. They didn’t bury me deep enough….

If you like Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearne, Shayne Silvers, M.D. Massey, or Orlando A. Sanchez, then you’ll love taking a trip to the sleepy town of Lost Falls, where not everything is as it seems.

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Designated Survivors (Blood Runners, Book 2)

Whether hunter or prey, survival doesn’t come easy on the other side of the wall.

After escaping from New Chicago, Marisol and Elias take shelter in the quarantine zone only to be stalked by nightmarish, blood-enhanced creatures called Threshers. But that’s not the worst of it as they find themselves struggling to survive against Longman’s assassins and weaponized Reaper mechs who are hunting them down.

All is not lost, however, as Marisol’s enhancements keep them in the clear long enough to find a small group of survivors. Joining forces with the potential allies, they’re forced to confront their fears and work together to find a way to topple New Chicago’s brutal dictator before he discovers a secret weapon to destroy the world.

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Absolution (Blood Runners, Book 1)

It’s a dog-eat-dog world of upgrades and bio-enhanced assassins, where a brutal dictator keeps New Chicago separated from the outside world.

Marisol is a bounty hunter, tasked with tracking down “Runners” – people who have been paid to take the fall for crimes committed by the wealthy. But when she captures a young Runner with a secret, she unknowingly stumbles into a vast conspiracy. The hunter becomes the hunted as those in power turn the city inside out trying to crush anyone who would dare to expose the truth.

Nowhere is safe as Assassins close in from every direction. The unlikely duo of a Runner and a rising-star Hunter must survive the endless onslaught to blow the lid off the rampant, city-wide corruption…or be silenced forever.

A bit Logan’s RunRunning ManEscape from New York, and even some Ready Player One.

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Bearly Breathing (Bears of Southoak, Book 3)


When I was 17 I made an unforgivable mistake.

My entire clan hates me even though I’m their alpha.

I was willing to live alone in the darkness until I saw him.

He is mine. Every fiber of my being tells me that.

The clan will object to their alpha being with both a human and a man.

I don’t care. I will have what’s mine.


Everyone gets one great love. I’ve had mine.

She died.

Now all that’s left for me is survival.

One day at a time. One breath at a time.

But why is it when I look at him I feel like I could love again?

I can’t betray her memory….

But I also can’t betray my heart.

This MM shifter romance can be heard as a stand-alone.

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The Devil’s Bible

When a horribly disfigured woman breaks into the underground depository of the Stockholm National Library in Sweden and tears out pages of satanic spells hidden deep inside the Codex Gigas – The Devil’s Bible – teams of investigators quickly realize that there is more to this than meets the eye. Meanwhile, in the Czech Republic, Colonel Cameron Skull is investigating the ravaged remains of the cemetery outside the infamous, and now touristy, Church of Bones. But when a manlike creature appears and Colonel Skull realizes the danger, it’s too late. It is then that he sees Iris for the first time, and they both quickly realize that they are connected way beyond just a physical attraction.

Predictions are starting to come true and the clock is ticking. The Book of Revelations, Nostradamus, and the Dead Sea Scrolls have all warned of this moment, and now it is upon us. The coming of the Antichrist.

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Bearly Dangerous (Bears of Southoak, Book 2)

When Felicity finds out her mother is terminally ill, she’s determined to fulfill her mother’s last wish – to see her daughter walk down the aisle. But when she suggests marriage to her boyfriend of five years she’s promptly dumped. Disheartened, a friend offers a solution. One of the bear shifters in his clan is currently searching for a wife and he thinks perhaps they’ll make a good match. Kyle is a brilliant chef who is intelligent and kind and more than Felicity could hope for. There is only one problem…Hunter, his roommate, seems determined to get in between them. He goes so far as to pursue Felicity himself. The ex-con is as dangerous as he is sexy. Felicity must protect her heart and keep him from steering her relationship with Kyle off track. Then, Felicity recognizes something in the two men they don’t seem aware of themselves, she realizes their love triangle just got a lot more complicated.

This is a stand-alone story with an HEA and MF, MM and MMF pairings.

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Bad Luck Charlie – Dragon Mage, Book 1

Charlie Gault had all the luck. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the good kind.

It was looking like Lady Luck had quite a grudge against him. In fact, at this point merely crashing the multi-billion-dollar ship he had helped design would have felt like winning the lottery compared to his current dilemma. If only he were so lucky. Things had started off all right – that is, until a freak wormhole unexpectedly swallowed his ship, leaving him stranded on an unknown planet far, far from home.

With the crew’s lives at stake, Charlie had no choice but to stop his whining, put on his big boy pants, and step up to save them all, and much to his surprise, it actually looked like he might succeed. Of course, that was when things really went sideways in ways that made merely crashing on an uncharted planet seem like a walk in the park.

Suddenly, faced with alien space pirates, talking dragons, and something that seemed very much like magic, Charlie found himself adrift, feeling like a space age Robinson Crusoe – only his man Friday was a blue-skinned alien, and this wasn’t just a desert island. It was a whole new galaxy.

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Prototype Exodus

Des stares at the mushroom cloud in the distance. The extreme heat threatens to melt his circuits. If he doesn’t get away soon, he will be dead like the rest of his companions.

He travels onward, unable to stay behind and bury the bodies of those who had offered him friendship and a home. But his steps are not aimless. He knows there is only one group of people in all the world who could have detonated a nuclear weapon: the Mainlanders.

Upon arrival to Mainland, Des finds himself engulfed in another conflict between the Mainlanders and Outlanders as he tries to discover who is responsible for killing his friends. As the mystery unravels, he learns of a new danger that threatens to destroy humanity once and for all, and it is up to Des to stop it.

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Ransom’s Law

Roscoe Ransom returned home from World War I, broken both in body and spirit, drowning his pain daily in a bottle of whiskey. But even alcohol can’t numb the agony of losing his wife or the fear of trying to raise his son, Junior, alone. However, the mind-numbing predictability of Roscoe’s life as a sharecropper and his role of town sheriff – a job given to him out of pity when he returned from the war – is suddenly upended when a black man in their tiny community is murdered and castrated.
At 11 years old, Junior longs for his father’s love and attention to fill the void left by the death of his mother, but the person who has grown to fill that role is Willow Muscadine, a Cherokee Indian woman, who lives next door. When she sees him trying to locate the killer that his drunken father can’t – or won’t – find she decides to become Junior’s self-assigned protector. Junior overhears enough in town to realize this was no random murder of a black man. But the more questions he asks, the more dangerous the situation becomes for him, Roscoe, and Willow.
When the threats turn deadly, will it be enough to shake Roscoe from his misery in time to save them and find redemption? Or will his personal demons once again win until he’s lost everything and everyone who cares about him?
Best selling author, David Johnson, has once again produced one of his trademark “books with heart” and spun a tale that will have you rooting for the underdogs and hoping that good will triumph over evil.

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