Front page review from Audiobook Reviewer!

So this is pretty awesome. One of my early titles, authored by Kevin Candela, on the front page of the most recent Audiobook Reviewer newsletter!! Even better, the review was extremely favorable!

They like me, they REALLY like me!!

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  1. 1. FICTION: Urban Fantasy/Mystery: 1st POV
  2. 2. FICTION: Mystery/Thriller: 1st POV, M/M Dialogue
  3. 3. FICTION: Urban Fantasy/Mystery: 3rd POV, M/F Dialogue 3:13
  4. 4. FICTION: Romance, 3rd POV, M/F Dialogue
  5. 5. FICTION: Thriller: 3rd POV, M/F Dialogue 2:21
  6. 6. FICTION: Action: 3rd POV 3:43
  7. 7. FICTION: Urban Fantasy: 1st POV, Snarky (EXPLICIT) 1:09
  8. 8. FICTION: Fantasy: 3rd POV, Child/Elder Dialogue, Accents 2:16
  9. 9. FICTION: Mystery: 3rd POV, Multiple Characters, Accents 1:27
  10. 10. NON-FICTION: Biography: 3rd POV 1:58
  11. 11. NON-FICTION: Memoir: 1st POV 2:54


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