New Month, New Studio, New Milestones (Part III) !!


I’m taking my first steps into the voice-over world and have completed recording of my first commercial demo!  I’ll be recording more in the near future and am excited about this new opportunity!  Thanks to Steve Mitchell and Veronica Weikel of Steve Mitchell Productions!

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  1. 1. FICTION: Urban Fantasy/Mystery: 1st POV
  2. 2. FICTION: Mystery/Thriller: 1st POV, M/M Dialogue
  3. 3. FICTION: Urban Fantasy/Mystery: 3rd POV, M/F Dialogue 3:13
  4. 4. FICTION: Romance, 3rd POV, M/F Dialogue
  5. 5. FICTION: Thriller: 3rd POV, M/F Dialogue 2:21
  6. 6. FICTION: Action: 3rd POV 3:43
  7. 7. FICTION: Urban Fantasy: 1st POV, Snarky (EXPLICIT) 1:09
  8. 8. FICTION: Fantasy: 3rd POV, Child/Elder Dialogue, Accents 2:16
  9. 9. FICTION: Mystery: 3rd POV, Multiple Characters, Accents 1:27
  10. 10. NON-FICTION: Biography: 3rd POV 1:58
  11. 11. NON-FICTION: Memoir: 1st POV 2:54


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