New Audiobook Released!

My latest audiobook is now on sale!  A couple little tales from A Year in the Borderlands by Kevin Candela (on Facebook here and website), presented in the style of a classic double-feature!

Find it here:, and on iTunes

SF Double Feature with Title


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  1. 1. FICTION: Urban Fantasy/Mystery: 3rd POV, M/F Dialogue 3:13
  2. 2. FICTION: Sci-Fi: 1st POV, M/F Dialogue, Snarky 2:55
  3. 3. FICTION: Thriller: 3rd POV, M/F Dialogue 2:21
  4. 4. FICTION: Action: 3rd POV 3:43
  5. 5. FICTION: Urban Fantasy: 1st POV, M/M Dialogue 2:49
  6. 6. FICTION: Urban Fantasy: 1st POV, Snarky (EXPLICIT) 1:09
  7. 7. FICTION: Fantasy: 3rd POV, Child/Elder Dialogue, Asian Accent 2:16
  8. 8. FICTION: Mystery: 3rd POV, Multiple Characters, Portuguese Accent 1:27
  9. 9. NON-FICTION: Biography: 3rd POV 1:58
  10. 10. NON-FICTION: Memoir: 1st POV 2:54


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