Gary Bennett

Audiobook Narrator


Audiobook Demos

  1. Urban Fantasy: 1st POV, M/M Dialogue 2:49
  2. Fiction: 3rd POV, F/M Dialogue 2:21
  3. Thriller: 3rd POV, M/M Dialogue 3:00
  4. Action: 3rd POV, Multiple Characters 1:43
  5. Fantasy: 3rd POV, Child/Elder Dialogue, Asian Accent 2:16
  6. Mystery: 3rd POV, Multiple Characters, Portuguese Accent 1:27
  7. Urban Fantasy: 1st POV, Snarky (Explicit) 1:09
  8. Sci-Fi: 1st POV, M/M Dialogue, Snarky 2:55
  9. Non-Fiction 2:54


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If Gary Bennett is narrating something, my interest in it goes up exponentially!

Big Cheese New York (Audible Reviewer)